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Rubiel is a self-taught painter, he experiment’s and learns on the fly, he embraces and looks for the beauty in what some might see as “mistakes”. He attended Oklahoma Christian University for graphic design, to quickly find out that the institutional or technical way of learning was not for him. His main influences are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso and Gerard Richter. He always had a passion for art, but has been painting for 7 years now. Most of his work is non-representational, his philosophy on painting is to try and clear the mind and let the unconcious take over, where he believes is the source of art. Rubiel paints and reacts solely on feeling and instinct, his technique of laying the canvas on the ground allows him to really lose himself in the painting, get close to the piece and let the paint do the work.




2013 - December-February - Gallery 123 Main St. Norman, OK


2014-Present - Rubiel Studios - 420 E. Main St. Norman, OK 73071 - Second Friday of every month.


2016 - June - Gallery One in The Paseo Arts District


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